Blogs in 2017

Star light - First D850 experience

20 December 2017

A first real try with my new Nikon D850 camera to see if it would actually do...

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With the slightest touch (3 minute read)

8 December 2017

‚ÄčEven though modern airplanes have no trouble with flying through...

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Fokker 50 Turboprop (9 minute read)

2 November 2017

Last week, KLM retired the last Fokkers from her fleet, marking an end to 97...

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No man's land, Verdun

6 October 2017

As some of you might know, the First World War (also known as The Great War)...

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Cargopilot book awarded

1 October 2017

Im happy to announce with a modest amount of pride that my first book...

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F/A-18E mishap at Bahrain airport

12 August 2017

Taken from the main airport terminal, these photos show the result of a crash...

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Beautiful phenomenon after sunset

24 July 2017

Last night, flying from Hong Kong to Baku, we witnessed something that was...

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Sentinel Island (3 minute read)

10 July 2017

Partially hiding in clouds, this island lives up to its mysterious reputation...

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St Elmo's fire and static discharges (4 minute read)

2 June 2017

Somewhere over the Atlantic between South-America and Africa we encountered a...

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Galaxy view over Brazil, South America (5 minute read)

1 June 2017

Stars. Billions. Hundreds of billions of stars. The longer I let my eyes...

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