Ever since my first flights as a student-pilot, I felt the desire to document and immortalize the views from my perspective as a pilot. Convinced that if more people would see the unifying beauty of our little blue planet, it would add more understanding and peace to the world.

A world hidden from sight, except for those few privileged people that find themselves high above the surface of the Earth.
Starting with a small and cheap camera, my photography developed parallel to my flying career to the point where it is now; delivering first-class images of the world from above. It is a combination of showing the poetic nature of flight, but also opening people up to appreciating the incredible beauty of our planet.

I am completely self-taught in the field of photography and developed my own style and techniques over the course of time, resulting in the work I create today. My photos have been shared worldwide by media, including CNN, BBC, TIMES, Daily Mail, National Geographic and the list is constantly growing.

In 2019 I was awarded the title Special Photographer of the Year during the Lucie Awards, by the International Photography Awards (IPA). A huge boost for my motivation to continue with my mission and share the beauty from the above with the world. 

My first coffee-table book Cargopilot

In 2016 my first coffee-table book Cargopilot was published and proved to be an overwhelming success. Three print runs within one year and still selling, Cargopilot has been awarded major prizes, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2017.

Since then, my photography gained momentum and developed into a second profession and one of the most gratifying ventures for me.

I have found that writing and photography is a powerful combination to convey emotions and I look forward to developing both of these creative expressions much further in the coming years.

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