'Remember us' - A short Sci-Fi story

25 October 2021

'Blasting back into space through LV-221's atmosphere, abandoning a promising...

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My heart is breaking for Afghanistan

16 August 2021

My heart is breaking: Afghanistan is overrun by Taliban in an unbelievable...

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A very close call over the Sahara (five minute read)

1 September 2020

My first job as a pilot, sixteen years ago. Flying the Fokker 50 Turboprop...

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Stars and hopes

3 May 2020

Chasing the illuminated contrail of another 747 Freighter halfway between...

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Farewell KLM 747

29 March 2020

The end of an era and goodbye to the flagship of the world's oldest airline....

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5 March 2020

Our gigantic spherical spaceship, orbiting an average star for over 4,5...

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Let There Be Light

14 February 2020

20-second exposure over the midnight Atlantic. Cockpit lights dimmed, smooth...

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Apollo 11 - The most important event in history (7 minute read)

20 July 2019

“We choose to go to the Moon,” Kennedy said. “We choose to go to the...

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Photography from the Moon - Documenting history (6 minute read)

8 February 2019

"You know, when you get back, you're going to be a national hero ... But...

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SR-71 Blackbird - Legend of the skies (4 minute read)

25 January 2019

Elegant, black, mysterious, powerful and extremely fast. Originally designed...

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