Turbulence over the Himalaya (5 minute read)

9 April 2017

After joining Cargolux, I had to wait at least 4 years before I could finally...

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Three shooting stars - A reflection on life (6 minute read)

1 April 2017

Night flight over Central India, between Doha and Hanoi. Thousands of miles...

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Crossing the Hump

18 March 2017

From 1942 until the end of the Second World War in 1945, allied pilots...

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Nikon Pro - Interview

6 February 2017

Recently I had a fun and interesting one-hour phone interview with Nikon, the...

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Mount Redoubt - Alaska

25 January 2017

Just 200 km West of Anchorage and bathing in a beautiful soft sunrise light...

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Denim Air - the end

10 January 2017

With a great sadness I heard that the airline where I found my first airline...

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2016 overview

31 December 2016

With only two more flights to go, its time to make up the yearly totals for...

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Afghanistan, Bamiyan Valley

24 December 2016

Afghanistan - Somewhere in the early months of 2008... an empty flight with...

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Santa's Sleigh on the way to Europe

5 December 2016

While most people in Europe were cursing at their alarmclock or snoozing a...

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Outlaws Inc.

1 November 2016

After resting for a while on the ever growing soon-to-read pile of books on...

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In heaven

Seeing the entire world in my job,

I feel privileged to be in a position to capture many different parts of the planet through my camera and immortalize the beauty of the places I visit.