Seven Sisters - Possibly the World's oldest story

2 August 2023

It's difficult to capture the profoundly tranquil sensation of gazing upon a...

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I've asked AI to generate one of my works and the results are terrifying

5 May 2023

We're on the border of a new chapter for mankind. The recent developments...

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Cruising over Algeria

25 February 2023

Contrary to popular belief, the Sahara is not just an endless pit of sand....

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The end of an era: the last Boeing 747 left the factory today

1 February 2023

What started with a rather random idea to replace the popular 707 with a...

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Geminid meteor spectacle

15 December 2022

From Astana to Liege during the most spectacular meteor shower of the year:...

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Cleared for Takeoff

26 October 2022

Lined up with the runway centerline, waiting for the takeoff clearance....

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Flying an old Soviet airliner in North Korea

22 May 2022

The perfect seat to appreciate the deafening melody from four Soloviev...

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The Greatest Adventure for Mankind

7 May 2022

Seven months, four days and four hours. A journey through the vacuum of space...

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'Remember us' - A short Sci-Fi story

25 October 2021

'Blasting back into space through LV-221's atmosphere, abandoning a promising...

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My heart is breaking for Afghanistan

16 August 2021

My heart is breaking: Afghanistan is overrun by Taliban in an unbelievable...

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