Blogs in 2018

Walking in the Air - Merry Christmas!

23 December 2018

Far above the clouds, Santa's sleigh is carrying presents and gifts across...

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Colors on the Zahara (3 minute read)

10 November 2018

Every single time I'm flying over the Sahara, there seems to be no end to the...

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My mission (5 minute read)

2 November 2018

"We need to have people up there who can communicate what it feels like, not...

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Halloween ride into Houston (3 minute read)

1 November 2018

Now that was quite a halloween night! When we departed from Caracas, weather...

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Sagittarius Rising – Long exposure photography from the stratosphere. (7 minute read)

19 September 2018

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I shoot long-exposure...

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Minor earth, major sky (2 minute read)

28 August 2018

Flying at an altitude that was considered the edge of space about a hundred...

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Last flight with Cargolux

5 April 2018

What a nice last trip it was. Enjoying the city of Seattle for a few days and...

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A signed coincidence (3 minute read)

18 February 2018

Last few months there have been a lot of things on my mind; a couple of...

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The Paradox of Success (7 minute read)

10 February 2018

Every now and then, a certain kind of fear starts to pop up in the back of my...

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Dinner over the Pacific (6 minute read)

24 January 2018

A dim glow all around the horizon for as far as we can see, so typical for...

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