Blogs in 2015

2015 overview

31 December 2015

Almost the end of the year... time is going way too fast. This year has been...

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Christmas over the Himalaya

28 December 2015

Ping! My phone lights up and tells me the joyful news of a new schedule...

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The Netherlands; land of rivers, water and tulips.

5 December 2015

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I’ll always have special feelings for...

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Waking up with a view

5 December 2015

On two thirds of the flight, the loud 'ping' sounds in my comfortable bunk,...

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Flying over Afghanistan

5 November 2015

Beginning of winter before everything is completely covered in snow and ice....

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Russian Oblast Magadan

5 October 2015

A few days ago I flew from Hong Kong to Anchorage, and due to a major typhoon...

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Flashback to 2004

14 September 2015

Scrolling through a lot of old photos taken during my initial flight training...

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A bubble of rain and darkness

5 September 2015

Looking out of the window shows me nothing but darkness and an immeasurable...

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The sun before she rises

25 August 2015

Another red light... but a more familiar one this time. The red rising sun as...

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