The story behind the Blue Marble collection

The shot that struck me from the first moment I saw it; Earthrise.

The grey lunar surface on the foreground, a blue marble appeared in sharp contrast against the eternal blackness of deep space. Earth. Our home. Our cradle.
Every human being that ever existed has been born and died on this tiny blue ball. Consciousness developed there, and as far as we know it is the only place in the universe where it has. Every thought, emotion, intention or even the concept of such things in the entire universe is limited to that tiny blue-white marble. The rest is up to the laws of physics and maths.

A photo that makes us question our existence and our very place in the incomprehensibly large universe. Are we alone? Are we special in any way? Is there a reason why evolution developed consciousness at all? Or are we perhaps like an insignificant bug, wondering if we're the only living creature when crawling through the vast jungle.

It's not the answers I'm after, but I hope to create a similar awareness that results from seeing this legendary image. My stratospheric photos, taken from the atmosphere, are all small pieces of a larger puzzle. Together they should create an image or idea of what our planet looks like from a higher perspective and remind us of the fact that we're all together here on this single planet.

If I can give the world a slight glance at the hidden beauty that I see from my unique vantage point, conveying these emotions and perspectives in words and images, I'm sure it adds something positive to the uncertain future we face today.

Our beautiful, precious blue marble. Our home in the grand and graceful cosmos.

Blue Marble Collection

Signed and numbered by hand by Christiaan van Heijst

I take great pride in my work and I want to make sure that each individual fine art print is up to the highest standards. From the fine art print to the hand-made frame and the documents that come with it; it should tell the story I want to convey as an artist.
Every print is signed and numbered by hand, adding my personal touch to a unique piece of art.