Privileged to be flying high up in the atmosphere, I try to convey what I see and feel up there. 

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Aviation Photography

From the modern 747-8 flightdeck to vintage North-Korean airliners and forgotten airstrips in Afghanistan.

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Travel Photography

From Iran to India, and from Alaska to Afghanistan, every place has a story to tell.

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Weather and clouds

Experience thunderstorms from up close, Northern Lights in the darkest nights or the milky way with its many billions of stars.

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Aerial Landscapes

Flying over mountains, oceans or endless deserts, its a privilege to show the beauty of our planet in a way where words would fail.

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Island in the Sky

The moon plays a major role in my life and photography. A selection of the most unique moon shots in my collection.

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Latest additions

The latest images that have been added to my portfolio

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