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20 May 2024

Solar storm over Europe

Stuck in China for the last few days, I've been unable to share the amazing...

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2 August 2023

Seven Sisters - Possibly the World's oldest story

It's difficult to capture the profoundly tranquil sensation of gazing upon a...

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5 May 2023

I've asked AI to generate one of my works and the results are terrifying

We're on the border of a new chapter for mankind. The recent developments...

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Christiaan van Heijst

The flying photographer

Ever since my first training flights as a student pilot, I was awestruck by the perspectives from above. Determined to share those views with the rest of the world, I soon started carrying a small camera with me whenever I went up in the air.
These were the first entries in my logbook and my earliest steps in the world of photography.

Today, twenty years after those first flights, I am captain on the Boeing 747 and still carry my camera with me at all times. Always ready to immortalize the world from above and share my images online and in print.

Like Buzz Aldrin said after coming back from the moon:
“We need to have people up there who can communicate what it feels like, not just pilots and engineers.”

One photo at a time.
The Flying Dutchman with a camera.