Blogs in 2016

2016 overview

31 December 2016

With only two more flights to go, its time to make up the yearly totals for...

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Afghanistan, Bamiyan Valley

24 December 2016

Afghanistan - Somewhere in the early months of 2008... an empty flight with...

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Santa's Sleigh on the way to Europe

5 December 2016

While most people in Europe were cursing at their alarmclock or snoozing a...

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Outlaws Inc.

1 November 2016

After resting for a while on the ever growing soon-to-read pile of books on...

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Shadows in the sky

16 October 2016

This was, by far, one of the most amazing sunrises me and my (very...

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Getting rid of that anchor

1 September 2016

Finally, the milestone that I've been looking forward to for so many years; I...

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Thunderstorms at night

18 June 2016

Flying somewhere between Beijing and Shanghai, we encountered a very active...

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The Blue Nile - Sudan

28 March 2016

Flowing through the barren and desolate desert of Southern Sudan, the Blue...

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The Aral Sea

15 January 2016

Overflying the biggest ecological disaster of the 20th century; the rapidly...

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