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Signature Collection

Limited numbers

Each photo comes in the following editions

  • Premium Edition - 8 prints
    (longest side 90 cm / 36 in)
  • Collectors Edition - 6 prints
    (longest side 114 cm / 45 in)
  • Exclusive Edition - 3 prints
    (longest side 182 cm / 72 in)
  • Custom Edition - 3 prints
    (longest side in consultation)
  • Artist Proof (AP) - 3 prints
Print and framing specialists

Limited Edition prints are handcrafted by the best fine art printer and framing-specialists in the world.
Total dedication to exclusive art results in top-quality products.
All work is printed on the best fine art papers available.

Optional frame

Prints are available with or without optional frame. More details upon inquiry.

Christiaan van Heijst

The flying photographer

Ever since my first training flights as a student pilot, I was awestruck by the perspectives from above. Determined to share those views with the rest of the world, I soon started carrying a small camera with me whenever I went up in the air.
These were the first entries in my logbook and my earliest steps in the world of photography.

Today, twenty years after those first flights, I am captain on the Boeing 747 and still carry my camera with me at all times. Always ready to immortalize the world from above and share my images online and in print.

Like Buzz Aldrin said after coming back from the moon:
“We need to have people up there who can communicate what it feels like, not just pilots and engineers.”

One photo at a time.
The Flying Dutchman with a camera.



Certificate of Authenticity

Each Limited Edition artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee it is a genuine Van Heijst product.

The Certificate of Authenticity contains detailed information about the print, its size and materials and is signed by the artist. A holographic seal with a unique number corresponds with a second, identically numbered hologram that is found on the back of the print, so an owner can register the unique copy online to prevent forgery.

The combination of certificate and hologram assures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece of art which can be registered on 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Limited Edition Print

    All images in the Limited Edition series come in three series;

    • Premium Edition - 8 prints
      (longest side 90 cm / 36 in)
    • Collectors Edition - 6 prints
      (longest side 114 cm / 45 in)
    • Exclusive Edition - 3 prints
      (longest side 182 cm / 72 in)
    • Custom Edition - 3 prints
      (longest side in consultation)
    • Artist Proof (AP) - 3 prints

    Once the print has reached it's final number, the source-file is deleted and no more prints of that photo will be produced ever again.
    This guarantees the exclusive nature of the Limited Edition prints. 

  • What is an Artist Proof (AP)?

    Three Artist Proof (AP) prints are created from each image as a test product or for my private use. 
    They might come in various sizes and materials, but are always numbered so they will never be printed more than three times to ensure the exclusive nature of the photo.


  • How much do Limited Edition Prints cost?

    Prices depend on the requested size and it comes with the optional frame.

    Once the series is sold out, no more copies will be printed ever again.


  • Where are the prints produced?

    To ensure the quality and dedication, I have built up a close personal relationship with various printing- and framing specialists.

    All products are printed by the best and most experienced Fine Art printing specialists.
    If a frame is required, the prints are sent to one of the most dedicated frame specialists with whom I've built up a personal relationship and who understand my wish to create a unique experience for every client. 
    From the moment of order, a handful of dedicated specialists complete the product with all the attention and love for art you could wish for, up to and including the packaging and shipping to a happy new owner.

    Dedication to create a unique piece of art from all parties involved. 

  • How long does production take?

    To ensure the best quality possible, all Limited Edition prints are hand made by experienced professionals, devoted to delivering museum-quality products. 
    Some prints might be available beforehand from galleries or exhibitions, others will be on a made-to-order basis.
    This dedication requires some time, resulting in a typical production time of roughly two to four weeks between order and shipment. Times may vary. 

  • How do I hang the framed products?

    Photos can be bought without frame that allow framing by your own choice.
    All framed products come with appropriate hanging facilities on the back of the frame.
    Picture hangers and/or wall anchors are recommended but not included with the product.

  • Do you sell your work as cheaper canvas or posters?

    A small number of older images are available as Open Edition Prints. They are unsigned and unnumbered, but printed on quality dibond-aluminium print. They can be found in my webshop.

    The images in the Limited Edition collections will not be available as Open Edition prints.

  • Where can I see your work

    At the moment, my work is not showcased in galleries or exhibitions.
    More information about such showcases will be announced through my newsletter and social media.

  • Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

    Yes, my products are shipped all over the world with the exception of specific countries that have local restrictions or regulations. Keep in mind that local customs might charge additional VAT.
    The costs of shipment vary for each product (depending on the size and country) and will be included in the quotation.