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A bubble of rain and darkness

5 September 2015

Looking out of the window shows me nothing but darkness and an immeasurable area of faint light that glows around our aircraft. The entire universe seems to be consisting of my instruments, a forgotten cold cup of coffee, my own wandering thoughts and my quiet colleague.

Both of us positioned in a big bubble of darkness and emptiness, if I wouldn't know any better. Outside of these thick windows there seems to be nothing but a grey dimensionless cloud of matter that might as well be sticking around without speed or time. 
A quick look on my displays shows we're moving through the air at a mere 450 kts / 930 kmh, the engines running healthily at roughly 85% of their maximum and burning the expected amount of fuel for the last few hours. Though those numbers could read anything and I would not be able to see a difference at all in this unforgiving mass of air, somewhere over the empty and lonely Pacific Ocean with not a soul around for a thousand miles or more. 

Seen here is my wing view while flying through a heavy rainstorm over the endless Pacific Ocean. The navigation lights illuminate the thick clouds in green while the flashing strobe lights on top of our fuselage color the air red.

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