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Flashback to 2004

14 September 2015

Scrolling through a lot of old photos taken during my initial flight training back in 2004, more then 12,5 years ago. On this photo Im flying one of my first flights on the PA44 Piper Seminole, for the multi-engine instrument rating in The Netherlands.

Not only does it mercilessly confront with the fact that I lost some hair on certain places and gained some weight in the past years, but most of all I realize how extremely fast time has flown by, knowing all to well that its a one way track with no way of slowing down the pace. 
The amount of hours in my logbook has been steadily increasing ever since, being privileged to fly a wide variety of airplanes and unbelievable operations, including my beloved Fokker 50 in Afghanistan and now the Queen of the Skies around the world; the Boeing 747.

At the same time I think back about all the colorful characters I've had the privilege to meet and fly with in all those years. Just as confronting are the memories about those colleagues and friends who departed way too early on their last flight with the big unknown destination. Some by sickness or disease, others while doing what they loved most. Now dwelling above the endless clouds they've known so well before.

Lets see what the next 33 years of my professional life will bring if Im so fortunate to be around that long:)

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