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Shadows in the sky

16 October 2016

This was, by far, one of the most amazing sunrises me and my (very experienced) colleague have ever seen; flying from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon, Vietnam) to Zhengzhou (China) last Friday October 14th and flying over Northern Vietnam.

Where we'd normally see a bright band of the the most magnificent colours and hues one could possibly imagine, this familiar show was now clearly interrupted by a series of dark lines; shadows of a huge cloud that must be hiding somewhere over the far edge of the Earths curvature. 

Looking on the Significant Weather Chart of Asia and the Western Pacific area, we could only come to one simple conclusion; the extremely high and active Typhoon named 'Sarika', just South of Taipei, now hitting the Philippines as we speak, created these unique features. 
The tops of the clouds were building up to 56.000ft, or equal to 16km above sea level. Those very clouds break the sun rays into the atmosphere and show the big lines of darkness that probe into the upper atmosphere like a show of shadow-puppets, played by the extreme forces of nature. 
And on top of that; planet Venus showing her presence as if its nothing. 
What a show...

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