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2016 overview

31 December 2016

With only two more flights to go, its time to make up the yearly totals for 2016 again.

- 630 block hours (747-400 & 747-8)
- 1030 duty hours 
- flown 585.000km
- 5 times literally around-the-world, crossing all 24 time-zones
- 93 flights
- 33 landings I did myself
- 2 CATIII autolands (depending on the weather in LUX the 31st, that might become 3)
- 3 go-arounds (twice weather, once traffic on the runway)
- 2 diversions
- 2 birdstrikes
- picked up 4,3mSV of radiation in-flight (roughly the amount of one chest X-ray) 
- 0 UFOs

Photography wise it has been an unbelievable amazing year;
My first book is published and has been a bestseller, with a second print in the making.
The media picked up my photos and since then the amount of attention is just sky-rocketing. Big plans for the future though, the sky is the limit!

Happy 2017! 

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