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2014 overview

31 December 2014

2014 came to an end, and with this year the inevitable list of totals! Also the shortest year I ever experienced, having entered 2014 as one of the last while staying in the city of Anchorage on January 1st, and exiting the year in Hanoi.. making it a total of 364 days of 2014.

The year that I made the front page of Geenstijl, 9gag, Reddit and many more sites, including uncountable newssites worldwide and got invited on multiple large Dutch tv-shows (if it weren't for the fact that I was not to be home for at least 8 days after.. there goes my 5 minutes of fame!) within less then 36 hours of sighting & photographing some strange and still yet unexplained bright red lights over the Pacific Ocean back in August.

Literally 8 times around the world, 24 attempts to renew my SEP-license (but we dont give up, it must be getting good weather in Luxembourg one day...), many Gb's of photos, liters of coffee, met many great people all over the world and saw some of the most massive and spectacular shows of Northern Lights since ages over the Pacific, Alaska and Canada this year.

645 hours flying the 747 (both -400 and -8) 
36 landings made by myself
1 lightning strike
1 fuel dump
1 partial-flapless landing
0 automatic landings
0 bird strikes
1 go-around (due traffic on the runway)
565.000km flown (to the moon and halfway back)
6.500.000 kg of fuel burned (not counting my car).

Have a great, healthy and happy 2015!

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