Special 747 Collection

Limited Edition Prints

To celebrate half a century of the Boeing 747, this special series is launched to commemorate the true Queen of the Skies. Aiming at retiring 747 pilots, corporate business partners or aviation lovers in awe of this magnificent machine.

This special 747 collection comes in one size only, 74 prints each.
Produced with the same craftsmanship and dedication as my regular Limited Edition Fine Art.

Boeing 747 collection

Background story

The Boeing 747, Queen of the Skies.


Designed in the 1960s, this machine turned out to become one of the biggest icons in aviation and most influential machines ever built. Replacing the much smaller 707, the 747 carried 4 times the amount of passengers, flew twice the distance and had a significantly lower cost factor. Hence the memorable nickname 'Jumbo'; one that was fitting for her size and performance at that time.
She changed the world in an unprecedented way. Connecting continents and starting a whole new chapter in aviation.

With over fifteen hundred of them built, the 747 has served as a proud flagship for many airlines and represented governments all over the world.
Even today, the 747 is the most recognizable airplane in the skies and makes heads turn wherever it goes.

From my perspective as a pilot, I still love flying the 747. It is a fun and easy airplane, very reliable and last but not least, a beauty to see. Her graceful lines and self-confident look make her stand out from all the other birds at any airport, hands down.
I feel privileged to fly her around the globe over the most fascinating sceneries.


The distinctive JPC-corner

The trademark that has turned into the recognizable and distinguishing feature of my brand is now also incorporated in the hand-made frames of my Limited Edition Prints.

A one-of-a-kind element that stands out on any wall without being intrusive or distracting, making it truly unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Limited Edition Print?

    All images in the 747 collection are printed a maximum of 74 times.

    On top of that, three Artist Proof (AP) prints are produced.

    Once 74 prints have been made, the source-file is deleted and no more reproductions of that photo will be produced ever again.
    This guarantees the exclusive nature of the Limited Edition prints. 

  • What is an Artist Proof (AP) print?

    Three Artist Proof (AP) prints are created from each image as a test product or for my personal use. 
    They might come in various sizes and materials, but are always numbered so they will never be printed more than three times to ensure the exclusive nature of the photo.

  • How much do 747 collection Limited Edition Prints cost?

    The products in the 747 collection cost €4250,-, excluding VAT.
    This includes worldwide shipping.

  • Where are the prints produced?

    To ensure the quality and dedication, I have built up a close personal relationship with my printing- and framing specialists. I personally inspect and sign each product before it is shipped to my clients. Only the best is good enough.

    All products are printed in The Netherlands by one of the best and most experienced Fine Art printers in a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio. 
    From there, the prints are sent to one of the most dedicated framing companies with whom I've built up a personal relationship and who understand my wish to create a unique experience for every client. 
    From the moment of order, a handful of dedicated people complete the product with all the attention and love for art you could wish for, up to and including the packaging and shipping to a happy new owner.

    Dedication to create a unique piece of art from all parties involved. 

  • How long does production take?

    To ensure the best quality possible, all Limited Edition prints are hand made by experienced professionals, devoted to delivering museum-quality products. 
    A handful might be available beforehand from galleries or exhibitions, others will be on a made-to-order basis.
    This dedication requires some time, but I strive to ship the finished products in six weeks after the order has been placed. Times may vary.

  • How do I hang the framed products?

    All framed products come with appropriate hanging facilities on the back of the frame.
    Wall anchors are included.

  • Do you sell your work as posters or canvas?

    A small collection of my images is available as Open Edition Prints; unsigned and unnumbered quality dibond-alu print. They can be found in my webshop.
    My images are not available as posters or canvas.

  • Where can I see your work on display?

    Due to the current Covid-19 situation, my work is currently not showcased in galleries or exhibitions.
    More information about such showcases will be announced through my newsletter and social media.

  • Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

    Yes, my products are shipped all over the world with the exception of specific countries that have local restrictions or regulations. Keep in mind that local customs might charge additional VAT: these are the responsibility for the client.

  • What if my product arrived damaged?

    All Limited Edition Prints are carefully packed in a sturdy and protective hand-made crate, suitable for international shipments. 

    If the crate arrives in a damaged state, please document the damage with photos before opening the crate. When the product itself is damaged as well, contact me without delay and I'll solve the situation to the best of my abilities.

Personally signed and numbered by Christiaan van Heijst

I take great pride in my work and I want to make sure that each individual fine art print is up to the highest standards. From the fine art print to the hand-made frame and the documents that come with it; it should tell the story I want to convey as an artist.
Every print is signed and numbered by hand, adding my personal touch to a unique piece of art.