The story behind the Mountains Collection

For as long as mankind roamed the planet, mountains and peaks have played a major role in religions and cultures.
Acting as unsurpassable boundaries and representing the extraordinary forces of nature, they were often given the status of Gods and Spirits.

Since the 1960's, these granite confines turned from a natural frontier into tell-tale scenery. Armies and travelers have found their way around them with great effort for centuries. Today we can simply marvel at the views from our windows today.

When I find myself over the world's mountains, I cannot help but gaze at the peaks and glaciers. Realizing I'm one of the first generations of people in the history of this planet to witness these views.

Mountains - Silverline Collection

Signed and numbered by hand by Christiaan van Heijst

I take great pride in my work and I want to make sure that each individual fine art print is up to the highest standards. From the fine art print to the hand-made frame and the documents that come with it; it should tell the story I want to convey as an artist.
Every print is signed and numbered by hand, adding my personal touch to a unique piece of art.