The story behind the Netherlands Collection

Born and raised in this small but remarkable country, it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Flat horizons for as far as the eye can see, the inhabitants managed to fight the water and floods for centuries. Building dikes, creating islands and canals, the Dutch have been cultivating the landscape to their liking. That same attitude shaped the spirit of it's citizens, knowing anything can be attained with hard work and determination.
Roaming the oceans and taming the seas, the Dutch worked themselves into a true empire in the 17th century with flourishing colonies and settlements all over the world.

Today, The Netherlands is mostly known as a center of free economic trade, high quality of life and of course tulips, bicycles and cheese.
When I fly high over these landscapes, I can sometimes see half of the country in the frame of my cockpit window. I find myself look down and marveling about it's history and spirit that's also part of me.

Home of the Flying Dutchman.

The Netherlands Collection

Signed and numbered by hand by Christiaan van Heijst

I take great pride in my work and I want to make sure that each individual fine art print is up to the highest standards. From the fine art print to the hand-made frame and the documents that come with it; it should tell the story I want to convey as an artist.
Every print is signed and numbered by hand, adding my personal touch to a unique piece of art.