Boeing 747 - 2021 Calendar

A special calendar for a special airplane.

Over half a century since her first commercial flight and still going strong, the Boeing 747 single handedly transformed aviation and by doing so, the world. From my perspective as a pilot, I still love flying the 747. It is a fun and easy aeroplane, very reliable and last but not least, a beauty to see. Her graceful lines and self-confident look make her stand out from all the other birds at any airport, hands down.

The 2021 calendar is now available in my webshop.
Featuring 12 unique photos that show the elegance of the 747, both from the ground and from my perspective as a pilot in the flightdeck.

The calandar can be shipped world-wide, make sure you order in time to make sure the calendar arrives in time for the holidays. 

Size 300 x 420 mm

Coming soon