Open Edition Prints

A small selection of my images is available as an Open Edition Print. They come unsigned and in an unnumbered series, printed on the highest quality dibond. Perfect for home or office decoration. 
For further information about these Open Edition Prints, read more below. 
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Everts Air Cargo - DC6

A flying legend in aviation; the DC6 freighter. Everts Air Cargo is still operating a fleet of 11 of those classics all over Alaska.

€ 215.00
Dibond 800 x 450mm € 215,00 Order

Information about Open Edition Prints

A small selection of my images is available as a print on high quality aluminimum/dibond, perfect for home or office decoration.

Only the images as shown above are available on dibond, other images of my site are not available as Open Edition Prints, although the selection might change over time. 

Open Edition Prints come in an unsigned and unnumbered series and for now, in one size only.

  • 800mm by 450mm (31.5 Inches by 17.8 Inches)
  • Very low shipping rates
  • Track & Trace your order during shipment
  • Supportive frame that allows easy mounting on walls
  • Each order is printed and handled individually, please allow some time for production
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