Printed on

Innova IFA107 Fabriano Printmaking 
Rag with pigmented Epson 
Ultrachrome HDX inks.


Limited edition - 11 prints
70cm wide

Collectors edition - 3 prints
120cm wide


Each print comes in a standard black ebony handmade frame. 

Custom options are available on request.


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All frames include 'Glare-free museum glass'.
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Background story

Mountains of Ararat

The beautiful mountainous landscape of Georgia below us with in the distance the dominating Mount Ararat; over 5100m high, the peak is nearly always sticking out from the clouds.

For many religious people, Mount Ararat is regarded as a holy mountain as it would have been the place where Noah's Ark first reached land after the world-covering flood, as described in various religious books like the Torah, Bible and Quran. Over the course of centuries, many expeditions have been launched to find evidence of this theological/religious event, even recently, and some interesting finds have been reported like old pieces of wood, far above the vegetation line. If they are related in any way to the religious books and stories remains a topic of debate among believers, but regardless of the story and finds, the mountain is an impressive landmark and a beautiful sight to see from above.

Mountains - Silverline Series

My mission

Sharing the wonders from my cockpit

My unique perspective as a pilot allows me to share the poetic nature of flight and show the incredible beauty of our delicate planet from above