Printed on

Innova IFA107 Fabriano Printmaking 
Rag with pigmented Epson 
Ultrachrome HDX inks.


Limited edition - 11 prints
70cm wide

Collectors edition - 3 prints
120cm wide


Each print comes in a standard black ebony handmade frame. 

Custom options are available on request.


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All frames include 'Glare-free museum glass'.
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Background story

Winter Wonderland

A Boeing 747-8 is cleared for takeoff in the cold Alaskan winter wonderland.
As the engines spool up, a fine mist of snow is kicked up and forms a local blizzard behind the accelerating aeroplane.

I took this shot somewhere on a cold February afternoon and nearly froze my feet off, standing on a little hill just north of the airport. Temperatures of -20'C / -4'F and a chilling wind, my European winter jacket was simply not up to the job of keeping me warm. 

But it was all worth it for this single shot. The dynamics of a flying machine, the bitter cold of winter and the stunning scenery of Alaska. Can't wait to go back.

747 Collection

My mission

Sharing the wonders from my cockpit

My unique perspective as a pilot allows me to share the poetic nature of flight and show the incredible beauty of our delicate planet from above