Printed on

Innova IFA107 Fabriano Printmaking 
Rag with pigmented Epson 
Ultrachrome HDX inks.


Limited edition - 11 prints
70cm wide

Collectors edition - 3 prints
120cm wide


Each print comes in a standard black ebony handmade frame. 

Custom options are available on request.


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All frames include 'Glare-free museum glass'.
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Background story

Passage at Dawn

Emerging like a phoenix from the ashes, this 747 is passing us 1000ft above in the opposite direction.
The first light of dawn behind her, we're both skimming the tops of a thick layer of stratus clouds that acts like a huge blanket over the sleeping world far below.

After so many thousands of hours aloft, I can recognize most of the airplane types by the shape of their contrail, long before I can see the airplane itself. Especially the Boeing 747 is easy to recognize with her curving dual contrails that form behind her gracious wings. A signature in the sky.

747 Collection

My mission

Sharing the wonders from my cockpit

My unique perspective as a pilot allows me to share the poetic nature of flight and show the incredible beauty of our delicate planet from above