Printed on

Innova IFA107 Fabriano Printmaking 
Rag with pigmented Epson 
Ultrachrome HDX inks.


Limited edition - 11 prints
70cm wide

Collectors edition - 3 prints
120cm wide


Each print comes in a standard black ebony handmade frame. 

Custom options are available on request.


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All frames include 'Glare-free museum glass'.
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Background story

Quarry Bay - II

June 2016; I found myself all alone in Hong Kong; my colleagues were allocated to other flights and I had some days to kill before my next flight to Anchorage.
Since it was my birthday and I decided not to waste the entire day in a hotel room, I ventured out to Hong Kong Island. Home of a few buildings I wanted to photograph for a while already. The city was tormented by tropical torrential rain for the entire day, but once I arrived in Quarry Bay the weather cleared up and the stars came through at just the right time.

I still remember standing there. After setting up my tripod and camera I looked up and silently appreciated the moment. Heavy tropical air smothered the city like a hot blanket in the middle of summer. A few stars protruding through the leftovers of a storm above and a hushed buzz from hundreds of families living their separate lives above my head. 
A couple of children crying in the distance, a tv-set with a Chinese series somewhere on the left and a melancholic but charming Chinese song being sung from underneath a shower somewhere up there as well. I have no clue what the lyrics were about but I loved the melody.
And in between those myriad of lives above my head, the constant sound of water droplets falling from the air conditioning units. Thousands of them, each ticking on the metallic surface they hit one lower floor.

It was a surreal experience and one that I still appreciate when looking back at this shot.

Vertigo Collection

My mission

Sharing the wonders from my cockpit

My unique perspective as a pilot allows me to share the poetic nature of flight and show the incredible beauty of our delicate planet from above