Hahnemühle FineArt

All prints are produced by a Hahnemühle Certified Studio in the Netherlands.

Each comes with an official Hahnemühle Certificate Of Authenticity, signed and numbered by me personally.


Premium Edition - 6 prints
70 cm wide

Collectors Edition - 3 prints
120 cm wide

Exclusive Edition - 2 prints
150 cm wide

Artist Proof (AP) - 3 prints

Optional Frame

Every print comes with a white margin on all sides, allowing custom framing options to your own liking.

The unique and exclusive JPC-frame is optional, making it a true piece of art.

Production time

All prints are made to order, meaning the production starts after the order has been placed.

Time between order and shipment is usually between five and ten working days for prints, up to four weeks for print with exclusive frame. 

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All frames include 'Glare-free museum glass'.
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Background story

The Deep Blue

It could have been an alien unexplored planet if I would not have known any better. 
Flying high up in the Earth's atmosphere, the views are sometimes surreal under the right conditions. Endless shades of blue and white and unfolding landscapes that strech on indefinitely. 

Views like these are one of the perks of flying all over the world, around the clock and across the continents. 
The ever-changing weather systems, the deepest oceans and nameless mountains passing down below, it's never mundane. 

This shot is taken from an altitude of 34.000ft, somewhere over a cloudy Romania.

Blue Marble Collection